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At Foster & Foster Attorneys, PA, we pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service and putting our clients’ needs first. Our mission is to assess your case and find out exactly how we can best serve you, and then go above and beyond to do so. We have earned a reputation as competent and professional lawyers; not just by our 80 years of combined experience, but by the care and personal attention we give our clients—leaving them with their expectations exceeded.

Our main practice areas are:

  • Estate Planning: Our team can help assess your needs and work one-on-one with you to come up with a plan that meets your needs. By analyzing your financial situation, we can provide you with a comprehensive estate plan that can protect you and your loved ones.
  • Trusts: If you wish to have your loved ones avoid probate after you pass away, placing your items in specific types of trusts may be beneficial for you. We will custom design your estate plan to meet your needs and desires, avoid probate, and will make certain that your family, friends, and/or charities are taken care of properly.
  • Wills: Putting together a will before it’s too late is one of the most responsible and caring things one can do. This ensures that your family and loved ones will be taken care of, as well as your properties, after you pass away.
  • Trust Administrations: It takes a certain amount of knowledge, resources, and time for a trustee to properly administer a trust. Often, this time and knowledge simply isn’t there. However, we can work closely with those involved with the trust to ensure that the terms are carried out properly.
  • Probate: Our firm is able to provide you with applicable and effective legal counsel that will allow you to reach your goals in dealing with a probate. It’s an extremely stressful situation and having excellent representation can be very beneficial.
  • Guardianships: Regardless of the age, when a loved one becomes incapacitated, or otherwise is unable to properly care for themselves or their property, nothing is more stressful on family members and friends. From the appointment of a guardian, to the care and management of their person and property, no one is more important than your loved one. Let us help you.
  • Elder Law: Nothing is more sacred than the proper care and treatment of our aging loved ones. Our nation and cities were built on the backs of this “Greatest Generation”, and as they grow older, they require more and more assistance from family and friends for their health care, housing, hygiene, mental and social wellness, and nutrition. While many desire to preserve the things they worked so hard to accumulate, others are entitled to public and charitable assistance. Let us help.
  • Personal Injury: Sustaining injuries due to another person’s negligence is not only stressful, but emotionally and mentally painful, as well. If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you deserve to hold them financially responsible for their actions. We do not charge for representing you unless we obtain money on your behalf.
  • Real Estate and Commercial Transactions: If you are buying or selling a home or commercial property, we can help with negotiations. A majority of real estate problems can be avoided when you have a real estate lawyer on your side.
  • Corporations and Small Businesses: Whether you are a for-profit corporation or an LLC, we can ensure all your business needs are met. From restaurants to electrical contractors, we can assist and represent all types of corporations and small businesses.
  • Landlord / Tenant: If you own a building or rent a building / space from a landlord, you have certain rights, duties, and obligations under the lease and Florida law. To ensure said rights are protected, hire an attorney who knows both sides of the law.
  • Land Uses and Zoning Matters: Since 1998, Bill Foster has served in city government. For ten years, he served on the St. Petersburg City Council, and for six of those years, he served on the Pinellas Planning Council. From 2010 to January, 2014, he served as Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida. He has seen his share of cases involving land uses, development, zoning, and historic preservation, from the side of local government, and he now wants to put his experience to use representing property owners.

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